Kate Potter

Kate Potter is a very special yogini who has been to YFT many times over the years.  You may know any one of her DVD’s or know her from her very popular TV program, Namaste Yoga.  This year Kate was scheduled to return to the studio for an April workshop but instead became very ill, cancelling all workshops.

Hearing of Kate’s ordeal, it was hard to imagine that life could turn so suddenly and yet it has that ability… for Kate or for any one of us. Every day after reading her e-mail I found myself wanting her well, and imagined the yoga community around the world coming together to send our love and wishes for her steady and full recovery. Believing, together, we can influence the rebuilding of Kate’s physical strength, vitality and health.

Please read the post, linked below to Kate’s website, where she openly shares this most intimate journey. Needless to say – our yoga community will miss her coming this year – miss her beautiful, kind, compassionate spirit. Her message holds the experience of what she’s been through as well as her warrior strength and the faith and love for life she holds close.

My hope is that we will come together as a yoga community and be a womb-like blanket of support for Kate to draw upon. May we send her our heart-felt prayers and thoughts, whether we’ve had the pleasure of meeting or knowing her, or not. In out yogic hearts let’s unite and be with her each step of the way… sharing our OM’s, the ultimate universal vibration, for Kate…. OM Recovery…. OM Health…. OM Vitality.

Message from Kate: http://www.katepotteryoga.ca/street.html

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