Yoga Retreat in Lake Louise

*by Yoga for Today instructor and trip leader, Neve Deol*

On May 4th, 2012, a group of 10 Yogis congregated at one of the top 50 energy centers of the world, magical Lake Louise. Some of the listed ‘top 50’ are: Central Alberta, Sedona, Stonehenge, Easter Island, Bermuda Triangle, and the Pyramids. These are special places – known as sacred, mysterious and magical Earth energy sites. Click here to learn more.

The Yogis definitely felt this power and connection with the earth as they spent a weekend practicing Yoga, Hiking and just being in the powerful energy of Lake Louise.

We woke up on Saturday morning to a magical view from our hotel room.  It had snowed the night before and the trees were dusted with soft powder that sparkled in the early morning sun.  We were honoured to be able to practice our morning Yoga in a beautiful room overlooking the lake and the majestic glaciers, followed by a hearty breakfast at the Fairmont.

After having the morning free to reflect and journal or explore the hotel, we met for our afternoon hike. As there was still too much snow on the higher peaks, we decided to walk around the lake. A few steps out of our hotel led us to a well groomed trail to the back of the lake. We walked single file, with nothing but the intention to be present and drink in nature’s wonder. The tall rust colored cliffs on our left and the dense trees on our right gave us plenty to be amazed at. Penny made snow angels on the way, Kevin made fake beards and moustaches for Dianne, Connie and Monique with moss, and Shirley decided to dump her Fiji water so she could fill it with glacier water straight from the source. Come to think of it, only Carolynn and I did not do anything crazy on the walk. We spent some time relaxing at the end of the trail before we decided to walk back.

Our evening Yoga class was just what we needed after our walk. Our room was sun drenched and Shavasana was pure bliss on every ones faces.

We decided to eat dinner together and after dressing appropriately for the Glacier Saloon in our western wear, we barged in through the leather trimmed, heavy wooden saloon doors looking for trouble. We ate a delicious dinner and some of us indulged in ridiculous deserts which came in Sasquatch sized portions (Lucky they had a Sasquatch to help them finish it). After dinner, we went for a stroll to see the Super Moon. After a few minutes of not being able to spot the moon, we saw a beautiful light between the trees. A bit of a walk took us closer to the most spectacular sight! The moon seemed close enough to touch…and the beams of light radiating from the moon gave it a surreal quality.  We stood entranced by the sight before us. I could have stayed there all night, but after a reluctant good night, we decided to go to bed reasonably early to be able to enjoy Yoga the next morning.

On Sunday, we were able to have a beautiful Yoga class, made even better by the love and friendships in the room. We had fun taking group pictures by the lake. I think Exalted Warrior is the new favourite for Lake Louise Yogis. Lots of hugs and promises to meet again in the lobby ended this beautiful weekend. I am honored to have led this trip with my husband Kevin and met all these wonderful people. I look forward to the next opportunity to explore the mountains with friends, old and new.

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