Enzymes and Yoga as Conductors of Light

By Tami Hay

“Germinated and sprouted seeds are instinctive, primeval foods of man, with many millions of years of phylogenetic (evolutionary) affinity.” Edmond Szekely

Everything requires enzyme activity in order to access divine higher dharma. An enzyme is a bio-active protein that serves as a catalyst responsible for absolutely everything our body miraculously does for us.

Sprouts are the number one provider of these magical life-giving enzymes. When a seed turns into the sprout there is a magical transformation of enzymatic action that converts complex carbohydrates into easily digestible compounds. Sprouts maintain their enzyme power and provide us with nutrients 300 to 1,200% greater than raw conventional veggies.

Sprouts are an economical way to have delicious fresh food all year long, even in our climate. Many people who have taken my classes are amazed at how sprouted mung beans taste like fresh peas out of the garden, and are one of the easiest things to replace for a satisfying and rejuvenating snack of substance. Raw, uncooked sprouts allow the optimal uptake of nutrients for the human body.

As a paleo-vegan coach, I often hear people’s concern for safety while spouting. I can assure you that there’s been no record of food poisoning associated with home sprouting and proper handling.

If we are not harnessing our enzyme power then we are depleting our health. When we are present to our yoga practice, we move energy and conduct flow. When a body’s enzyme stores are full, it allows us to move freely and beautifully. When we embrace live food rich in minerals, and enzymes intact, we do not deplete our metabolic enzymes. Cooked food is void of all enzymes; therefore, we borrow from our enzyme stores to assist in digestion.

Enzymes allow food to extract nutrients needed and provide the hydration to become part of our body electric. Learning how to add more live food to our life by taking a one day, five day or one week challenge to eat live food has the potential to support a happy focused and agile yoga practice. Raw plant food helps the average person develop superior health.

If you’d like to learn more, Yoga for Today has an upcoming workshop on sprouting, and the preparation of live food.


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