TTP Graduate Q&A: Ishana Nixon

Name: Ishana Nixon
Age: 50
Hometown: Sherwood Park, Alberta
Completed Yoga for Today Teacher Training: July 2016
Currently: Teaching a chair yoga class at an extended care facility

Yoga for Today: Why did you choose Yoga for Today for your teacher training?
Ishana: I had taken classes at YFT and was impressed with the quality of instruction as well as the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Yoga for Today: What three words would you choose to describe your TTP experience?
Ishana: Empowering. Enjoyable. Informative.

Yoga for Today: How would you describe your experience in more detail?
Ishana: The experience was quite profound. The initial, intensive five-day session opened my mind to the deep benefits and broad applications of yoga. I gained a sense of accomplishment in having taken my body through the physical rigour required.

The experience of doing something I thought I could not do was empowering and wonderful. I was filled with enthusiasm and hope, and I was eager to get out and create yoga experiences for myself and others.

On the practical side, I learned how to prepare detailed lesson plans – timing, content and effective delivery.

Yoga for Today: So you learned how to teach a yoga class, but what else did you walk away with? In what ways was it about more than teaching yoga?
Ishana: I walked away with increased self-confidence. More than just learning, it was an opportunity to develop deep connections and friendships with fellow students and teachers.

Yoga for Today: Did your teacher training experience shift your life, outlook, thinking, practice, etc.? How so?
Ishana: Overall, I have changed from being cautious and nervous about taking on new challenges and have become more willing to explore new opportunities and take risks.

I am a happier and stronger person.

Yoga for Today: How does yoga show up in your life off the mat?
Ishana: The philosophy of yoga helps me work through troublesome life situations, such as conflicts with others, making difficult decisions or dealing with personal crises.

Yoga for Today: What’s next on your yoga journey? What more do you want to learn?
Ishana: I want to continue to improve my own fitness level through yoga and meditation, learn more about teaching people with low mobility, and continue learning about the history and philosophy of yoga.

Yoga for Today: What words would you offer to someone interested in pursuing teacher training?
Ishana: The TTP at YfT is an excellent, well-balanced program, covering both the practical and the philosophical aspects of yoga. The instructors are experienced and willing to share their skills and wisdom. The program will build your confidence and help open your mind to new opportunities.

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