Changes at Yoga for Today

Thank you to our longstanding community for your love, support and commitment to the path of wellness.

We’ve been blessed with 22 years of outstanding instructors, holistic therapists, staff, workshops, trips and classes.  There’s been more memories and connections made than we could ever begin to count.

It’s wonderful to know that through any change there is always a path that continues.  And within every life cycle, new and fresh beginnings blossom.

Sometimes decisions are challenging and change unsettling, but embedded in every ending we can count on a new beginning.

With recent, time sensitive changes at Park Centre and Hotel, Yoga for Today came to the decision to step down from 22 years of operation at the Hotel.  We’re grateful to inform however that just down the hall from where we used to be, another yoga space is opening.  The studio opens June 1 and will have the same amazing instructors and same schedule as Yoga for Today once had.

Although YfT has no affiliation with the new space, Ashley Lakusta is at the helm and she’s elated to offer yoga to the community in this next very exciting chapter.

Sincere thanks to instructors, students, staff and therapists who made Yoga for Today everything that it was today. Everyone’s commitment and care has been outstanding and it’s wonderful knowing the solid foundation of the community will continue.

Thanks so much for everything,

Love and Blessings,