About Us

History, by Chris Erdmann Boyko, Founder, Yoga for Today

A Brief History

The history of our yoga community began long before the 2001 opening of Yoga for Today. For 20 years devout students gathered and practiced yoga in Gerda Krebs’ basement. As Gerda moved into retirement students would continue their practice with me, gathering in my basement for the next seven years. Under Gerda’s skilled and passionate mentorship long time students soon become yoga instructors. It was this community of committed and dedicated instructors and practicing students that became the backbone of support upon Yoga for Today’s opening in September 4, 2001. The official studio opening was one of the first in Sherwood Park and one of the earlier studios in the greater Edmonton area. Today, because of the support and commitment from our beloved community of students and teachers, we remain one of the longest standing and largest studios in Alberta.

Why Yoga

The intention of opening Yoga for Today as a Centre for Yoga and Health was to provide opportunities for health and wellness in all of its variety and diversity. As uniquely individual as we each are, so is the multitude of Yoga traditions and styles. Making yoga accessible for every body is essential to who we are. Our class schedule reflects and supports a variety of styles and traditions so you can choose the class best suited for your needs. Yoga has the ability to nourish, support and make positive differences no matter our age, physical capability or gender. Providing these opportunities as a community of Yoga instructors is what we believe at Yoga for Today.

More Than Yoga

Yoga for Today provides opportunities for Yoga teachers and serious students to explore and deepen their understanding of Yoga tradition. Opportunity is provided through teacher training and development programs and a rich array of local and international workshops. Becoming aware of the fuller spectrum of Yoga shifts our awareness and the responsibility as teachers we have to our students, our world and ourselves. For the student and teacher participating in workshops and teacher training programs we are grateful. This support affords a continued level of high quality instruction and training programs. Yoga for Today is built upon quality workshops because of the strength and commitment of our yoga community; a community dedicated to learning, growing and making positive differences in the world in which it live.

Yoga for Today embraces holistic health by supporting an array of essential services. Qualified and professional therapists at our Centre provide massage therapy, acupuncture, craniosacral, reiki and reflexology treatments.

Most importantly, Yoga for Today is MORE than a Centre for Yoga and Health. We are a community! A community made possible because of the strong and courageous women of the past – the true pioneers like Gerda Krebs and Friedel Khattab who brought Yoga into the lives of Albertans for the past 40 and 50 years. Women like my mom, Susie Erdmann, who believed in the benefits of Yoga and whose spirit and support inspired the growth and evolution of Yoga for Today. And we are a community today, standing strong and united because of you and what you bring to this space every time you come.

Looking Ahead

With 2011 marking our 10th anniversary, we look forward to our next ten years of service!

During the next decade may Yoga for Today –

Continue to be a forerunner in the Yoga world

Continue to flourish, grow, evolve and successfully support and nourish individuals with Yoga and holistic health

Continue to support a high level and standard of Yoga instruction, Teacher Training programs and local and international workshops

Continue to support a team of qualified and professional Holistic Practitioners and staff

Continue to flourish as a Centre and School for Yoga and Health – grateful for teachings and teachers of the past, grateful for our ability to share the tradition of Yoga

Continue to grow together as a community, in love, light, peace and in good health

With appreciation for each of you, thank you for giving Yoga for Today the opportunity to step into the next 10 years of loving, faithful service.

Yours in Yoga,
Yours in Health,

Blessings Always,
From Chris and All of Us at Yoga for Today