“When we follow the breath, moment-by-moment, something switches and we become breathing. It’s very intimate. The more intimate we are with the breath, the less personal it is. Of course this reduces stress and reactivity. Deeper than that, the process of meditation gives us trust in our natural sanity, stability and creativity. Paying attention makes room for forgiveness, generosity and deep trust.”                                                           – Shôken Michael Stone, excerpt from Online Meditation Course

Meditation has to do with working through our conditioning, layer by layer, to reach the ground of being and to experience it directly. This is called awakening. Meditation begins with stability, concentration and attention to the physical posture, all of which are explored in detail in this online course.

When you can commit to a daily practice, with support, you begin having insight into the way you live, how your mind works, the situation of your heart, and you begin to experience your life differently. Sometimes shifts are dramatic and sometimes gradual. We learn to stop numbing ourselves, we get clear on what’s important, and we value who we are in all of our myriad habits and idiosyncrasies. The barrier we face is always the stories we tell. Meditation teaches us how to drop beneath stories and begin finding a ground deeper than the one we imagined.

This six-week meditation course is a practical and deep home immersion. In it you will learn:

The basic postures for sitting meditation, how to balance the spine, and options for correct posture.
The psychology of meditation and how to work with distraction, restlessness, and obstacles to daily practice.
Techniques for deepening concentration using the breath as an anchor.
Subtle alignment tricks that use the body and internal feeling to stabilize awareness and release clinging habits in both the mind and nervous system.
How to bring formal meditation into daily life.
How it works:

Each Monday you will receive a 30 minute video you can watch at your leisure. The video covers the technique of the week.

Each Thursday you have the option of attending a live chat with Andrea Russell to discuss what’s arising in your practice.

You will also receive guided meditations (audio) of varying length to help deepen practice.

You will commit to a daily 30-minute meditation practice based on the videos and guidance you receive during the course.


Monday September 22, 2014

Live chats are an optional component of the course and will be hosted by Grant Hutchison on Thursdays at 10AM (MDT) on the following dates:TBA


$300 + tax