Welcome to Yoga For Today’s on-line buying service!

Past yoga registrations have been done over the phone (at 416-4211) or in person.
These options still remain.

We are now pleased to offer another service:

New to Yoga For Today

Online Buying:
-any 8 week session
-10 or 30 punch card
-1 month unlimited yoga pass
-yoga workshop
-request holistic service appointments

It’s simple and convenient and helps avoid front desk line-ups.

Students new to Yoga for Today can take the opportunity to fill out a New Student Form and bring it to their first class.

Buy Online


Information and Tips for Purchasing Classes On-Line

When you click on the “Buy On-Line” Button you will be redirected to our Mind Body booking system page.

Under “series and memberships” in our on-line store you’ll notice choices for purchasing and attending classes.  You can purchase and attend by:

a) Registering in an 8 week session (through “series and memberships” or click on the “8 Week Session” tab located at the top of the page) choosing a specific class

b) Buying a 10 or 30 punch card, 1 month unlimited pass or a drop in class and attend any non-registered (any class without an ® symbol) class on our schedule

c) Workshops and purchased through “series and memberships” or by clicking on the “Workshop” tab at the top of the page.

d) Holistic service appointments can be requested on-line by going into the “Appointment” tab. Our front desk staff will call you to confirm your booking.

On-line buying for Teacher Training or Unlimited Yoga Memberships as yet is not available. Please come in to or studio or call us at .

Accepting: Visa and Mastercard

Please review our terms & conditions and privacy policy.