Meet Gerda Krebs

Gerda’s yoga legacy began in 1970 when she joined Friedel Khattab’s first ever teacher training program.  After completing teacher training with Friedel , one of Alberta’s oldest and finest pioneers of yoga, in 1971, at 40 years of age, Gerda was ready to bring yoga into the world.

For 25 years we had the luxury of turning our TV sets to Shaw Cable enjoying “Yoga Fits In” with Gerda and her beloved cat, Tuffy.  Gerda was one of the early pioneers of yoga back in the day when yoga wasn’t quite so cool.  She was committed to bringing health and wellness through yoga into our living rooms and into our hearts for a quarter of a century!  During this time, Gerda taught weekly classes from her home and devoted herself to training and certifying students through her own teacher training program.  The seed of yoga and legacy of Gerda’s passion and teaching continues today through the countless numbers of devoted students and teachers touched, guided and inspired by her over the years.

Gerda still teaches yoga up to this day, devoting herself to bringing the best out in students and continues to make a positive difference in their lives.  Teaching three weekly classes for the past ten years at Yoga for Today and running an Apprenticeship Program that fulfills her passion to teach teachers, Gerda remains a pillar of inspiration, hope, health and longevity at its finest.

At 80 years of age Gerda has been instrumental in moving Yoga into the world. For Gerda Krebs and her legacy of yoga we will be forever grateful.


  1. I would like to know if Shaw cable tv has the original recordings of Gerda’s VSH tapes? I have asked her but she doesn’t know .

    Posted by: Anne MacIsaac | November 27, 2012

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