Meet Our Instructor: Katherine Jensen

Katherine JensenWe are excited to have Katherine on our May/June schedule with Spine & Postural Therapeutics. Although Katherine is taking a hiatus during the summer, she will be back in the fall with two weekly Therapeutics classes and her ever-popular Kick “Asana” Yoga (stay tuned for details in our August newsletter).
Please read more about Katherine as she shares her story with you.

Get out of pain and get back to living. This story is not really about me, it’s truly about you! For years I looked for a therapy that would help me through tight body tension and pain in my low back and hips and I found it through Critical Alignment Therapy®. This therapy has allowed me to get back to what I love to do and I have made it my mission to work with those suffering from chronic pain. Injuries, stress, repetitive strain, athletic injuries, car accidents and pain from scoliosis or other spinal issues such as degenerative disc disease (DDD) are just a few on the list of conditions that can be helped by this therapy.

Ok wait, so maybe just a little about me so you don’t think I fell of the turnip truck! I have my 300hr Hatha Certification, Yin Levels I,II and Levels I,II,III of Critical Alignment Therapy®. Oh, did I mention I have diplomas in Advanced Psychotherapy and Nero Linguistic Programming. So it seems I might know a little about some stuff. I also teach other styles of yoga with alignment and breathing as the main ingredient and some asanas thrown in there somewhere!

Ok, back to you. A new therapy has arrived at Yoga for Today as Spine and Postural Therapeutics. This therapy is like physio for your spine and has been highly effective at assessing and treating dysfunctional movement patterns in the body by releasing tension and stabilizing areas throughout the spine, hips, shoulders, and neck. Tension is also created in our elbows, and even our wrists. With the right technique this tension can be alleviated. And this therapy is for everyone!

So you see … this is not really about me it truly is about you! If you are suffering, rest assured, knowing at YfT we’ve ‘got your back’.

Life is beautiful,

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