A Taste of Raw Food

*This is a guest post by Keltie*

Are you searching for a healthier way of eating? Have you ever wondered what a raw food diet is? Does it mean eating uncooked eggs, fish, meats, cheese and milk? For some raw foodists or raw fooders it does mean that.

The world of raw food opens up a world of possibilities; the chance to re-examine what healthy eating means to you, the chance to evaluate individual food choices, and most importantly an insight into what exactly it is that we’re putting into our bodies on a daily basis.

I would like to tell you a little about eating a raw vegan diet or following a raw vegan lifestyle, which I have been doing for about the past year and a half and I have never felt better! Read more >>

In Honour and Celebration of Gerda Krebs’ 80th Birthday

*This is a guest post by Chris Erdmann Boyko*

Birthday at Yoga for TodayThank you to everyone who contributed to and participated in the 80th birthday celebration of Gerda Krebs, held at Yoga for Today on Friday June 17th. The love, appreciation, and reverence for Gerda could be felt in the air. She has contributed an unmeasurable amount to Yoga for Today, to our teachers and students and to yoga in the community and the entire province.

A special thanks goes out to Lisa Hickman and Martina Roemer for the delicious birthday cakes, Marie Casey for gift organization as well as the wonderful local flower shops which generously donated flowers for the occasion:
Panda FlowersKlondyke Flowers, Flowers in the Park, Purple Daisy Flowers, Grower Direct Sherwood Park.

And now, a few words to honour Gerda, as written by Chris Erdmann Boyko:
“Do you know anyone 80 years of age still working in the occupation that supported them all their years through? At Yoga for Today in Sherwood Park we have the honour of knowing such a woman. Gerda Krebs, turning 80 on June 12th, 2011, began her yoga career in 1971 at the age of 40 and today is still going strong. Read more >>

Yoga for Asthma

There are currently over 3 millions people in Canada who suffer from asthma. They come from all walks of life and all age groups. Medical inhalators meant to relieve asthma symptoms are now being questioned, as it is believed by some that these medications, while relieving asthma symptoms almost instantly, may actually lead to increased attacks and symptoms in the long run.

Like most diseases and disorders there is a plethora of medication available both over the counter and with a prescription. Some of these just relive or mask symptoms without actually getting to the cause of the problem. Read more >>


Welcome to our new website! We have worked very hard alongside the talented folks at Paper Leaf Design to make sure this new website is user-friendly, informative and most importantly, good looking. We are thrilled with the results and we hope you will be too! Read more >>