In Honour and Celebration of Gerda Krebs’ 80th Birthday

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Birthday at Yoga for TodayThank you to everyone who contributed to and participated in the 80th birthday celebration of Gerda Krebs, held at Yoga for Today on Friday June 17th. The love, appreciation, and reverence for Gerda could be felt in the air. She has contributed an unmeasurable amount to Yoga for Today, to our teachers and students and to yoga in the community and the entire province.

A special thanks goes out to Lisa Hickman and Martina Roemer for the delicious birthday cakes, Marie Casey for gift organization as well as the wonderful local flower shops which generously donated flowers for the occasion:
Panda Flowers, Klondyke Flowers, Flowers in the Park, Purple Daisy Flowers, Grower Direct Sherwood Park.

And now, a few words to honour Gerda, as written by :
“Do you know anyone 80 years of age still working in the occupation that supported them all their years through? At Yoga for Today in Sherwood Park we have the honour of knowing such a woman. Gerda Krebs, turning 80 on June 12th, 2011, began her yoga career in 1971 at the age of 40 and today is still going strong. For 25 years we could turn our TV to Shaw Cable and enjoy “Yoga Fits In” with Gerda and her beloved cat, Tuffy. Gerda was one of the early pioneers of yoga way back in the day when yoga wasn’t quite so cool. She was committed to bringing health and wellness through yoga into our living rooms and into our hearts for over a quarter of a century! Today, Gerda still teaches yoga, devoting herself to bringing the best out in students and making positive differences in their lives. Teaching three weekly classes for the past ten years at yoga for Today and running an Apprenticeship Program that fulfills her passion to teach teachers, Gerda remains a pillar of inspiration, hope, health and longevity at it’s finest. After all, who do you know at 80 still working in their beloved field of work?”


  1. I used to watch Gerda Krebs with her cat Tuffy when we lived in Sherwood Park when my children were young. They are now 28 and 23 years old! At that time I purchased a tape so I could play it anytime. With each viewing I became immediately calmer and by very virtue of doing the exercises the way Gerda did, with such fluidity and calmness did it influence my daily life. Happy, happy birthday to one of my inspirations in life!

    Posted by: Sandra Jenke | July 4, 2012

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