Being Peace

Being Peace, by Anne Douglas

Peace.  For some it means the absence of war or conflict.  For others it is the accidental moments of mental or emotional calm.  In our 24-7 work culture, many experience peace as a fleeting occurrence saved only for weekends or annual vacation at best.  Inner Peace can often be but a brief moment between one task completed and the quick turning to the next task or goal on a long list.  Our relentless chase for completion, for meaning, for success, or purely for survival can mean that calm and ease remain elusive.

We may set intentions for a more peaceful life as a New Year’s resolution, with accompanying strategies and related action steps.  These might include commitments for time management, simplifying or decluttering our schedule or our closets or even our relationships.  While each of these measures can be very helpful, they can be somewhat like moving around the furniture without addressing the actual room you are in.

One can declare war against that which keeps us from peace; ever fighting against the tyranny of unending thoughts, the tsunami of challenging emotions, the belief that our lives should be other than they are.  Or one can simply pause, take a breath, and turn within to the underlaying silence and stillness of peace that abides here.  The room you are in, your true essence, is already and always peaceful.

Why then, if we are already peace, do we not feel it?  The answer is simple.  It is because the peace that dwells within was never revealed or modeled to us.  If someone had pointed out to us as children that our most essential self is abiding peace, and showed us how to experience it directly and regularly, then our lives, and perhaps even the world would likely be very different then they are now.

It may take years of “rearranging the furniture” before we realize that our outward fixation is not working and instead shift our attention inward.  Often the catalyst for this shift arises in some form of discontent or disenchantment with the world, or even a level of exhaustion or illness.

For some the pathway to peace is yoga or qi gong, for others its meditation or quiet time in nature, and for others still it is a form or inquiry or a flash of insight.  At first it seems that the state of peace arises as a result of the practice and is thereby transitory.  This is enough to keep us motivated and coming back for more.  However, in time our practice can reveal peace as already and always here.  We begin to sense that peace isn’t a passing state, but who we ARE.

As peace begins to pervade our daily life, we often experience greater steadiness, trust and ease, despite the circumstances.   Life’s challenges still occur, but each moment is perfumed with a sense of kindness, generosity and content.  Being peace can be a simple yet generous personal, social and global expression of activism through balanced living.

If you would like to be a part of a peaceful revolution for our world by awakening to your own sense of deep abiding peace, join Anne for her upcoming online iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion; BEING PEACE – April 30 – May 2, 2021.  For more information: click on the link below:

Practices include:

  • iRest Yoga Nidra
  • BodySensing Source Yoga (Tandava)
  • Meditation
  • Inspired discussion

Anne Douglas has been offering workshops, retreats and trainings internationally for over 30 years.  Her boundless enthusiasm, wisdom & radiant heart create a rich & inspiring environment for insight & awakening.

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