Alchemy of Presence – iRest Nidra

Alchemy of Presence

with Anne Douglas  May 3-5/19

The dualistic teachings of the Yogic sage, Sri Patanjali, offer freedom from suffering by knowing ourselves as “the Witness” of all of nature.  As the Witness, we know ourselves as imperturbable stillness, unchanging equanimity, and abiding bliss.  While this liberation is paramount in the yogic journey, the crisis of our time calls us to reconcile the split from nature and our own humanity by embracing the deeper holistic view of non-separate, fully embodied Presence.

During this workshop, we will unplug from the technology and distractions of daily life, to explore the healing power of Presence.  Not just mindful presence, but a profoundly integrated Presence of body, mind and spirit.  As we luxuriate in the spaciousness of retreating from daily life, and the depth of self-awareness and Presence, we can begin to see and heal the un-integrated events from our past, and the moments or patterns of self-abandonment or sabotage.  Presence heals at every level, simply by remembering and directly experiencing our inherent wholeness.

This workshop offers a beautiful container that invites you to drop all of your usual exits or habituated behaviors in order to see clearly who you truly are.  What we find as our essence is unconditional LOVE, PEACE and JOY, and their many accompanying qualities such as kindness, compassion, gratitude and forgiveness.

Through simple, yet elegant non-dual practices, we open to the subtle sensory scintillations of aliveness and awakeness that deliciously animate our bodies, and can open us to the direct experience of our true nature that is already perfect, ecstatically content, and whole.

The combined practices of Hatha Yoga with the blissful Kashmiri yogic practices of BodySensing and Tandava reveal the Awakeness, Divinity and Unitive Consciousness that already lives through you, as you.  The unique Breath Sensing practices bring the affects of yogic pranayama practice to a whole new level.  iRest-Yoga Nidra Meditation and self-inquiry are invitations to deepen into the revelation of your own perfection.

Discover the Alchemy of Presence, during this uniquely enriching, inspiring and engaging workshop.  This qualifies as a “short retreat” for those in or working towards iRest Certification.

 Anne Douglas is a teacher of teachers.  She has been teaching since 1989 and offers Trainings, Workshops and Retreats internationally. Anne is a certified IAYT Yoga Therapist and Senior iRest Trainer. She is the creator of the iRest Daily meditation program and past Director of Trainers for the iRest Institute. Anne’s depth of wisdom and radiant heart create fertile ground for inspired learning.

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