COVID-19 Protocol

COVID Protocol @ Yoga for Today for In-Studio Classes

  • Students (whether members, 8-week session or flex pass holders) all need to book their class in advance prior to attending. Booking can be done through or the mind/body app or by calling the studio @ .  Sign-in sheets will no longer be available at the front desk.  Students new to the studio please stop by the front desk to fill out necessary paperwork.
  • Students bring their own masks and wear into the building and studio space.
  • Hand Sanitizer is available at various locations.
  • Classes in the Sun Studio: after shoes have been removed, students can follow the hallway past the sun studio door and the coat rack (hanging jackets as needed) –  entering the sun studio from the south hallway/door only.   Mat spaces are marked on the floor if students could fill up from the back of the room to the front.  Teacher now sits on the south wall under the OM sign.  Once students are on their mats, masks can be removed.
  • Classes in the Earth Studio for Mon. and Tues. night classes. Teacher sits by west wall under OM sign.
  • Once class is over, students can put on their masks. Mats closest to the west studio door leave first.  Back of the room to the front of the room empties with 6-foot distancing in place.
  • For realignment classes, the exiting process adjusts. With masks in place, mats closest to the west door can return their chairs to the hallway first – placing on the opposite side of the hallway for cleaning.  Students to return through the south sun studio door (by the fire exit) to gather their mats, props, etc. with social distancing guidelines in place while exiting process through the west sun studio door.
  • Student leave through the retail space at the front desk versus following the hallway along the side of the desk.
  • Students are asked to come no earlier than 10 minutes before class. Classes are spaced 30 minutes apart, but time will be required for cleaning between classes.  Front desk shutter may be closed during this cleaning process.
  • Please limit washroom use, and if the washroom is required wipe down before using and after to ensure cleaning has not been missed by the person previous.
  • Yoga for Today will be removing all mats and props from the studio space. Please bring everything you need with you.
  • If anyone has any symptoms of COVID or has high temperatures or is not feeling well, please look after yourself in the comfort of your own home.
  • Please Note: Students can sign out YfT props and use only for themselves if they have a container to keep their props in.  All props are COVID free – blankets and straps have been washed, mats and props sprayed.  Students can label their bin, and keep stored in the moon studio.  Wearing masks and adhering to social distancing while retrieving props is important.   Please organize through

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