Anne Belohorec

I believe that anyone and anything can potentially heal Anne has been a holistic health
practitioner since 1998. Her background as a registered nurse who worked at the cross cancer institute in Edmonton was part of the preparation for her transition to holistic health and complementary therapies.

Anne’s specialties are craniosacral therapy (advanced) both adult and pediatric, advanced lymphatic drainage therapy,toudh for health, energy therapies. She has more recently completed a two and a half year course in shamanic energy medicine with the 8th fire training school.

Anne is happy to share the experiences of her own healing journey and enjoys working with people to assist in healing and transformation. She brings shamanic guided imagery healing journeys to the public so that everyone can experience the power of the ability to learn about themselves and self-heal.

I see everyone I meet as a teacher and healer in my life.

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