Gillian Geurts

Ashtanga and Yin Instructor.

Gillian has been with Yoga for Today since our doors opened in 2001. A beautiful soul and gifted teacher, she is a treasure to know and have on our teaching roster. For anyone who knows Gillian, the photo is idyllic- Yoga has given Gillian the wings to fly and soar above the muck and mire. If you haven’t had a chance to experience the beauty of her classes, you absolutely must. She’s a treasure and her style of teaching will make a difference in your life. Here is her bio so you can learn more about Gillian:
YOGA HELPS. Yoga helps us to feel good and when we feel good life is easy; when life is easy we feel good and maybe are inspired to do good.. First introduced to yoga at the age of 15. Living in Africa at the time I enjoyed swimming, horse riding, tennis and team sports. In yoga I found something else besides the feeling of wellbeing that comes with physical exercise. There was a sense of calm, a feeling of peaceful contentment at the end of a yoga practice. Fascinated with the science of yoga I continued to practice and study various styles of yoga and enjoy helping others discover the many benefits of adopting a yoga practice of their own. My hope as a teacher is that you leave class feeling both refreshed and inspired. I have been teaching yoga since 1999, and am married with two sons.

Esteemed teachers I have studied with and who have influenced my practice:

ASHTANGA Yoga: – John Scott, David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff, Tim Miller, Mark Darby, David Robson, Doug Swenson, David Williams, Eddie Molestine & Nikkie Doane, Melissa Wasserfall, Fiona Stang, Rameen Peyrow.
OKIDO Yoga: – Mizue Tamaki, Ronald Boin, Friedal Khattab.
TRADITIONAL HATHA Yoga: – Gerda Krebs, Friedal Khattab, Michael Stone.
PRENATAL Yoga: – Janice Clarfield, Friedal Khattab
YIN Yoga – Marla Ericksen, Bernie Clark
RESTORATIVE Yoga: – David McHammond, Judith Lasater

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