Brandi Booth

Brandi took her first yoga class the fall after she graduated from high school
and immediately fell in love with the welcoming, non-competitive environment and how good the practice made her FEEL.  She attended classes regularly, but it wasn’t until 2005 when she took a Theory and Practice of Yoga course at the University of Alberta, that her eyes were opened to the true breadth and depth of yoga.  She started reading and learning everything she could about yoga, eastern philosophy and energy and began trying out different types of yoga.  She took meditation classes and got her Reiki I, II and III certification and was all set to apply for Yoga Teacher Training…when she found out she was pregnant.  Two beautiful babies later she was back in what had become her home studio, Yoga For Today, with debilitating lower back/sacrum pain.  She started practicing Realignment Yoga with Reg Nugent and integrating his teachings into her daily life and found that within weeks of changing some of her postural and movement habits the pain had subsided considerably.  Within months it was all but gone and Brandi was hooked on alignment-based yoga.

She has continued to practice, learn and be inspired about alignment, biomechanics and sustainable movement by Reg,  Joan Randolph, Jill Gaumont, Katie Bowman, Brea Johnson and Donalee Campbell and incorporates the principles of these disciplines into every class she teaches. Brandi credits yoga for making her more joyful, peaceful, flexible, strong, body-aware and mindful, and aspires to share her passion and love of yoga and all its benefits with her students.

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