Gerda Krebs

Gerda is one of the true pioneers of yoga. She was instrumental in bringing yoga into the lives and hearts of Albertans and Canadians. For over 25 years, Gerda Krebs produced and hosted, “Yoga Fits In” on Shaw Cable, providing the opportunity for yoga right in the comfort of our living rooms. The “Gerda Krebs Hatha Yoga Centre” trained many students over the years and students are forever grateful for her willingness to share knowledge and support. Now in her 70’s, Gerda continues to teach what she loves most, a traditional style of Hatha Yoga with an expert eye for bringing out the “best” in her students. Her years of service and dedication to the growth and continuance of yoga as a viable vehicle for improving physical and mental health are invaluable to many.
Friedel Khattab School of Yoga Certified.

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