Eva Stinn

When Eva was diagnosed with arthritis in her hip joint, a family physician in 1994 advised her after viewing the x-ray that painkillers were to be taken daily to alleviate pain and eventually, to get hip replacement. Refusing to believe the prognosis , memory led her to earlier years as a teenager watching her father practicing headstand to renew hair growth. After 3 months of diligent daily practice the result was fascinating. Where there wasn’t hair at the crown of his head before, there was fresh hair growth visible.
This led Eva to research yoga at the age of 40 to find if there was an alternative way to improve on her condition. That was 26 years ago.
Eva started practicing yoga at home reading yoga books and learned that the body is a remarkable vehicle and will heal itself given the right conditions.
The improvement which followed was remarkable. Practicing for few years and attending Yoga classes was a beginning of her journey. As per recent x-rays there is no longer any sign of arthritis in the hip joint. Eva signed up for TTP with the YAA Edmonton in 1996 and got certified in 1999. Yoga became a very important staple of her daily life. Teaching Yoga and sharing the experience of her own healing journey is what motivates Eva each time she teaches a class.

Yoga association of Alberta certified, Himalayan Tradition trained, Laughter Yoga certified, Yin Yoga certified, Egoscue postural alignment specialist.

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