Chakra Meditation

Do you crave balance in your life? Do you want to learn how to respond to life instead of react to it? Do you want to feel at “home” and healthy in your own body? Would you like to find the inner strength to reach your goals? And learn to love the wonderful being that you are? Then come with Leslie and journey through the Chakra’s to open your awareness to how you currently live your life and the changes you can make to live your best life.

During this 8 week program we will discover the meanings, functions and purpose of each Chakra and learn how to consciously bring awareness and balance to each one, week by week. We will discover the source of life energy within, learn to love ourselves, develop compassion, spark our power of intuition, learn how to communicate more effectively and how to “let go” to create the life we desire. Each class ends with a guided meditation that will bring balance and relaxation to any busy, stressful life.