Postnatal Recovery: Yoga and Meditation Program

During this class, you will enjoy physical asana progressions to build confidence and strength in your physical body. Mindfulness techniques will bring more balance to your emotional, mental and spiritual transition to motherhood. Postnatal recovery health specialists will be invited as guest speakers to share their experience and their love for holistic health.

It is recommended that moms wait a minimum 6 weeks postpartum with an uncomplicated vaginal birth and a minimum 8-12 weeks postpartum following a C-section birth, other birth complications or post-labour hemorrhage.  This is to ensure that the majority of the initial physical healing has been completed.

This class is suited for moms 6-10 weeks postpartum all the way up to a few years following the birth of their baby; however, it is ideal for ladies 3 -12 months postpartum.