Satsanga – from the Sanskrit ‘sat’ meaning knowledge and ‘sanga’ meaning group; to be in the company of the wise; to sit/meet with a community of like-minded individuals; a sacred gathering; seeking the truth. Each session will be comprised of three, 30-minute parts: meditation, chanting, and discussion.
“Meditation is a mysterious ladder…which reaches from darkness to light…from pain to bliss…from ignorance to knowledge…” Swami Sivananda
Did you know…? Meditation is the highest form of yoga. It offers us the opportunity to practice presence, and to become more mindful. Each session will begin with a guided step by step process followed by a period of silent meditation where you can continue the practice on your own.
“Chanting is a devotional practice that helps to uplift the mind, open the heart and bring inner peace.” Swami Sitaramananda
Who doesn’t want inner peace? Although singing out loud can often seem scary, when you have the backing of a group the energy that is created leaves you feeling vibrant and full…like a warm hug – those are available too! (Note: chanting is encouraged, but it’s not mandatory. Even if you are too shy to join in the chanting initially, you will still get the benefits of the good vibrations that fill the room.)
Discussion – in the last portion of the session we will take a reading from various spiritual teachers and use that to open up a brief discussion. Questions related to meditation, chanting or yogic philosophy are also encouraged during this time.