Amie Belanger

Amie was inspired to practice yoga after coming back from a trip to Thailand. Being away and surrounded by such beauty and a sense of Zen, she found herself returning and enrolling in a beginner yoga class with Chris E-B. Different from a gym, she discovered something within, something deeper that seeing muscles being developed. Through yoga, Amie is learning its about balance as a whole, physically, mentally and spiritually. Having Crohns, yoga has been crucial in keeping Amie that much more free of stress and has helped keep her body strengthened. Amie’s yoga journey is continual; she has recently spent a weekend retreat with Amma, Mother of Compassion, where she took the, I AM Mediation course, the next piece to her healing and spiritual growth. She is already learning that while practicing meditation a sense of calm overcomes and in being able to witness herself in the moment it offers so much knowledge. She continues to be inspired by the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that senior teachers offer and as well seeing the growth and transformation of her students.