Ryan Vogelaar

We all must live life in our own way to consider it successful. The greatest lesson I have learned from Yoga was finding my very own path (even though its been a little bumpy at times) and not following blindly along the trail of others before me, or trying not to revisit the same comfortable paths over and over again.

I started yoga purely for the physical benefits, little did I know how it would creep into and affect the rest of my life in ways I would have never considered. If we can surrender to the practice and let it just happen, low and behold, new as well as old worlds open up for discovery.

I’ve had the chance to study with many respected teachers from around the world and for that I give continued humbled thanks. Teaching provides a chance to be a student in a different way and I’m thankful for the lessons I learn from each class.

I welcome the opportunity to continue to grow and share my own journey. I strive to give my fellow Yogi’s a safe and comfortable feeling in class so that we can all enjoy, smile, and look forward to coming back and doing it again and again. (Remember it’s all right to laugh!)

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha