Neil Haggard

{Workshop Facilitator at Yoga for Today}

Neil has been a student of yoga for over 15 years. He completed Hatha Yoga certification with the YAA – Yoga Association of Alberta – and has been teaching students of all levels since 2003.

Being inspired by BKS Iyengar, and having studied with local Senior Teachers he has continued his personal learning in workshops, retreats and classes with the YAA and international teachers including Judith Lasater, David MacAmmond and Sandra Sammartino. In August 2011, he completed Yin Yoga certification with Bernie Clark in Vancouver. Yoga has helped him improve his own performance in cycling, skiing and climbing. He enjoys bringing a focus on the health benefits of the Hatha Yoga practice to all of is students.

For many years, Neil has led trekking groups in the Nepal Himalaya and has studied yoga with Akhil Bhattacharya in Kathmandu. He was inspired in the fall of 2011 through a New Moon Healing meditation using Tibetan Singing bowls and have learned the value to others by participating in meditation using the healing sounds of the bowls!

Yoga for Today looks forward to our upcoming 2017 Nepal Yoga and Culture Tour with Neil!!