Karen Deimert

Karen’s journey of yoga has been a process of self-discovery and body awareness. She was first introduced to yoga in 1977 and re-discovered yoga at Aeroflex in 1999 with Chris Erdmann-Boyko and Gerta Krebs. Through movement, breath and body awareness, the yoga slowly unravelled the years of sport injuries.
Karen found the physical poses of yoga helped her find balance and healing in the body but it was the mind and spirit aspects of yoga that brought calm and stress relief to her busy life.

Inspired to develop a deeper yoga practice Karen enrolled in the Teacher Training Program in 2008 to become a yoga instructor and has been teaching since 2009.

Karen is excited to share her love of yoga, her personal insights and teachings. Through a mixture of both dynamic and nurturing asana, she encourages her students to honor their body as they build strength and flexibility, quiet their minds and surround the movement with breath. Her gentle and compassionate nature leads her students on their healing journey through the mind-body-spirit connection.

Yoga for Today Certification 2009, Workshops by Michael Stone, Robin Golt, Kate Potter and Marla Erikson. Karen’s style has also been influenced by Chris Erdmann-Boyko, Gerda Krebs, Glenda Satore, Joan Randolph, Gillian Geurts.